Products & We Use


Yes! We bring the vacuums, the rags and the cleaning products! Valley Girls provides all the necessary equipment and cleaning products so you don’t need to worry about anything!

We use only professional high-grade cleaning products. Your wood floors and granite counter tops require different solutions to keep them clean and make them shine. We use only the best products that are designed especially for the surfaces in your home. For example: we might use Mr. Clean for tiled or linoleum floors and use Murphy’s Oil Soap or Bona on most wood floors. Granite and stainless steel items in your kitchen need specialized¬†cleansers to avoid leaving streaks and smears.

The cleanings are tailored to you and that includes the products we use. If you have sensitivities we are happy to use simple ingredient cleaners like vinegar and water or lemon and baking soda. Or, if you’d like us to use your cleaning products we’re happy to oblige!